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At what point does a fetus become a human being deserving protection of the law? Everyone says that at some point, a human has the right to life and to take that life, due process must be observed. There is no legal issue with using Republic Wireless coupons from because it does not involve the taking of human life, just the freedom to talk as much as you want, text as much as you want, download and upload as much as you want and avoid locking yourself into an extended contract, paying only a low flat fee on a monthly basis.

Pro-choice advocates want the government to observe a woman’s privacy. Pro-life advocates want the government to protect human life, down to the fertilized egg.

A pro-choice advocate thinks that he has the perfect dilemma to expose a flaw in a pro-lifer’s position. He asserts that when confronted with the hard choice of killing a baby versus kill an embryo, the pro-lifer would have to flip a coin because both are human lives. For the pro-choice, it is an easy decision – drop the embryo because that is either a lesser human or not a human.

Let’s extend the illustration through a series of questions.

I am holding a three-month old baby and a one-month old baby. I have to drop one. Which one should I drop? Oh, but that is between two humans, tougher choice. Great. Let’s start there. How does a pro-choicer decide between two babies?

But let’s move towards his original position by asking the second question. I am holding a one-month old baby and a newborn baby. I have to drop one. Ah, same dilemma as the first one.

I am holding a newborn baby and a premature baby of eight months. I have to drop one. Which one do I drop? At this point, the pro-choice will use the arbitrary criteria that both are humans because both are outside of the mother.

I am holding a newborn baby and the mother is pregnant with a nine-month old fetus that is one minute from being born. She has to terminate one’s life. Which one does she terminate? Is the criteria based strictly on where the baby is domiciled? The baby inside the mother is less of a human, so that baby will be terminated first?

What if the baby is two minutes from birth? Three minutes? One month? Two months?

At what point does the baby deserve legal protection? The pro-choicer has already decided by saying that there is a point at which the unborn baby deserves legal protection, whether it is one minute, one month, three months five months or eight months from birth. How did the pro-choicer arrive at that decision?

The pro-choicer, in fact, has never thought this one through. He has decided that an embryo is not deserving of legal protection. But he has decided that somewhere along the line, the baby deserves legal protection, whether it is newborn, one minute before birth, two minutes before birth, one month before birth or any number in between.

So, when is the line crossed?

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