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This type of training has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress among people suffering from high anxiety, researchers said.
In the study, about 75 participants – who all scored relatively high on an anxiety survey – were required to follow two characters around on the screen, tracing their paths as quickly and accurately as possible. After playing the game for either 25 or 45 minutes, the participants were asked to give a short speech to the researchers while being recorded on video – an especially stressful situation for these participants.
The videos showed that participants who played the ABMT-based version of the game showed less nervous behaviour and speech during their talk and reported less negative feelings afterward than those in the placebo group.If you’re tired of being forced to shell out real money for your Internet game hobbies, you need this Dragon City cheat tool.
When the creator of the addictive Flappy Bird app mysteriously pulled the game from the Google Play store and App Store last month, he nearly disappeared on Twitter, too. But Dong Nguyen returned this week and confirmed Flappy Bird will one day fly again — and it will be different and “better” than the original.
Nguyen responded to tweets from his followers, answering questions about what inspired him about game development and when we might see the game hit app stores in the future. He even tweeted at Justin Bieber, thanking the pop star for following him on the site. But the biggest news to come out of his exchanges is that he is working on a new version of Flappy Bird.

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